attraction :

There are many beautiful places of interests in and around Pelling some of which are in walking distances and some in distances coverable by day round drive.

Pemayangtse Monastery :

Principal Monastery of Ngingmapa order founded in 705 A.D. by Lhatsun Namkha JigMe one among three monks who consecrated the first king of Sikkim. Zagthok palri, the famous wooden sculpture depicting the celestial palace of Gurupadmasambhawa, which is on the top floor, is the main attraction. Pemayangtse observes annual mask dances one the Pantoe Chham in September and the other GuruDragmar in
Feb - March 2 KMs.

Sangacholing Monastery :

The second oldest monastery in Sikkim built in 1695 A.D. By Lhatsun Namkha Zigme. The location of the monastery is very special where from the view of the country side and the mountains is wonderful. It is believed that the whole hill beginning from the site of the monastery is sacred and appropriate for meditation. A Walk to this monastery will give the guest a pleasure of short trekking - 2KMs.

Rabdentse Palace Ruins and bird sanctuary :

Rabdentse Palace ruins was once the permanently built palace of Sikkim's Kings shifted by the second king Tensung Namgyal in the year 1670 A.D. Due to the regular foreign attack the palace later was shifted to Tumlung. There is fairly a thick forest around the palace where there are many species of birds and some wild mammals to interest the nature lovers as well.

Directorate of Handlooms and Handicrafts :

Situated right near the hotel about a few minutes walk is Directorate of Handlooms and handicrafts, where the visitors can see the local girls and boys learning to weave, carve and paint to produce Sikkimese carpets, handlooms, furniture and decorative items.

Meli Monastery :

Equally old and about 25 KMs from Pelling is Meli Monastery situated on a hill and its valley is a nice village called Meli village.

Khecheopalri Lake :

Situated at a distance of 28 KMs from Pelling, it is considered to be sacred lake both for Buddhist and Hindus. Around the lake are villages where the most inhabitants are Lepchas, the aborigines of Sikkim. Also,there is an old monastery on the hill and a nunnery near the lake.

Yuksam :

Yuksam is the first capital of Sikkim where the first king of Sikkim was consecrated in 1642 AD by three lamas. The famous stone throne at Norbughang is the evidence of the great historic happening. Yuksam also has Monasteries and the one which called Dubdi Monastery is the oldest in Sikkim. The Ven.Yangthang Rinpoche, the great reincarnated Buddhist master lives at Yuksam in his retreat house. Besides it, Yuksam is famous for mountaineering and high altitude trekking - 35KMs.

Tashiding Monastery :

Tashiding is the prominent holy place of Sikkim, where the Buddhist mani walls, Stupas and the monasteries are the main attractions. There is a Stupa named Thongwa Randol which is very old and is possessing great spiritual value. A mere sight of it will bring in one an unbelievable awakening and realization. The famous annual ceremony of the distribution of holi water which is called Bhumchu does happen in between February and March - 40KMs.

Singshore Bridge :

The second highest suspension bridge in Asia, about 26 KMs from Pelling towards Uttarey.

Reshi Hot Spring (Phurchachu) and the cave of Guru Padma sambhava(Lho Khandu Zangphu) :

This is located at the bank River Rangeet a few distance from Legship where one can have dip in the hot pond which is available only in the winter. For this hot spring dip therapy people from all the places including Bhutan and Nepal use to come. On the side is The famous Gurupadmasambhavas cave - 40KMS.

Other monasteries :

Sinon Monastery right above Tashiding, Bon Monastery at Kewzing, Risum Monastery at Rinchen Pong, Ralang Monastery at Ralang.

Other famous holy sites coverable from Pelling :

Sai Mandeer Daramding, Chardham Namchi, Guru rinpoches Statue Namchi, Buddha Park Rabangla.

Water Falls :

1. Khanchendzonga Water falls on the way to Yuk Sam - 30KMs.
2. Rimbi Water falls 12 KMs.
3. Phamrong Falls on the way to Tashiding from Yuksam - 40 KMs.
4. Changay Water falls on the way to Dentam - 10 KMs.

Tourist Villages :

Chumbung, Darap, Uttarey, Dentam, Kaluk Heegaon Rinchenpong, Daramding Heelay and Chakung.

Barsey Rhododendron sanctuary :

It lies at an elevation of 10,000ft. and has road access up to Hilley. An Easy 4Kilometers trek from Hilley takes one up to the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary which is in bloom from March to April, the visit of which is possible from Pelling in a day round journey by jeep. Also, one can trek from Dentam and Soreng.

High Altitude Trekking :

High Altitude trekking can be done from Pelling to Dzongri and Goechala through Yuksam and Uttarey.